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Case Study - Spain

Updated: May 30

Transitional Capital

Spanish Villa - Bridging Loan

UK resident owning a Spanish villa valued at €2m sought financial assistance from Interbridge in September. The objective was to use the value of the Spanish property to raise €1 million for refurbishing golf courses in the UK during the off season. Understanding the seasonal market trends, the client required a short-term loan before leveraging the high demand for Spanish properties during the summer and selling the security for maximum value.

Loan Structure and Uniqueness:

The Euro-denominated loan facility arranged by Interbridge presented a pivotal advantage, allowing the client to harness the equity of the Spanish villa for cashflow purposes. Being unregulated, the financing enabled the client to repurpose funds across borders without limitations on the usage of the capital and additionally add all costs to the gross loan.

Outcome and Benefits:

The Security has a sale agreed now for a market uplift. Added to the redemption costs was a 1% exit fee but the client enjoyed a refund on 6 months of the retained interest. The financing arranged by Interbridge played a pivotal role in this success story, enabling the client to retain capital flexibility, minimize immediate expenses through rolled-up interest, and capitalize on seasonal market dynamics.


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