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About Us

At Interbridge Europe, we specialise in arranging sophisticated loan solutions meticulously crafted to meet the diverse needs of your clients. Our product stands out in the competitive European market with its unique proposition of short-term secured financing.


Having completed €1bn of loans since its formation in 2017, Interbridge developed a cross-jurisdiction lending model and has been offering European loans since 2022. 

How Interbridge Started

Watch an Interview with our founder, Sven Peter.

The Interbridge

The Loans we arrange...

The Interbridge solution is designed for clients seeking swift and secure funding against residential properties for a wide variety of purposes. This product is ideal for a duration of 6 to 24 months, providing your clients with the flexibility they need during transitional periods when liquidity is required.

We are particularly strong where clients are asset-rich but cash poor or require funds quickly or for unusual purposes.


Meet Our Sales Team

Our Intermediary Sales Team are spread across 4 different countries and between them speak 7 different languages.  They are here to help provide accurate information to your clients and guide you through the Interbridge application process. 

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