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Introducer Proposition

As an introducer to Interbridge Europe you play a pivotal role in connecting us with clients who can benefit from our product. 

We value your expertise and insights into your clients' needs, and we strive to work collaboratively to ensure a seamless and satisfactory experience for all parties.

Why Trust Interbridge?

Lending Experience


We have built a substantial and successful track record of providing transitional capital solutions. We have placed more than €1bn of loans over the years, and our team’s backgrounds range from investment and corporate banking through to financial broking.

First Euro Bridging Loans

Competitive Edge

Our mission to provide international residential property finance started in the UK and the journey took the business to continental Europe where we are the first company to offer transitional capital solutions across 6 countries.

TCF compliant

Customer Focus

We focus on delivering funds to your clients reliably and fast. 
We understand their needs, and we can deliver local expertise to execute our transactions. We arrange loans which can be helpful when mainstream lenders can't offer suitable solutions.

Our Process

01. Enquiry

You discuss an initial enquiry with our sales team

02. Client Call

A joint call with your client is made to discuss the loan and requirements

03. Loan Offer

Our underwriters review the enquiry and produce an Interbridge Loan Offer within 24hrs

04. Application

Client pays application fees and submits the case for processing

05. Processing

Legals, Valuation and Documentation are prepared towards completion in 4-8 weeks

Useful Downloads

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