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Case Study - France

Updated: May 30

Improved Liquidity

A French resident owning a Ski Chalet valued at €2.8m sought financial assistance from Interbridge. Due to changing market conditions, the client’s existing facility of €1.674 with a French private bank had been called in. At the time, the client was in a position of being asset rich but cash poor and was drawing no income from a company which was in the process of being sold. This situation made it outside the majority of mainstream European lenders’ policies. The proceeds of the company sale would be used to redeem the financing.

Loan Structure and Uniqueness

An asset-based loan arranged by Interbridge allowed the client to raise funds without evidenced income and the innovative interest retention model eliminated the need for monthly debt servicing. This feature significantly improved the client’s cashflow until their company sale was complete.

Outcome and Benefits

The company sale was settled after 7 months and the client chose to redeem his facility at full term. The Interbridge financing played a pivotal role in this success story, enabling the client to keep his property and relationship with his private bank intact while our interest retention model allowed for no monthly servicing of the loan while the client was drawing no income from their company.


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